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    Remake Project had been launched by the website Booooooom.com asking you to adapt a famous painting in photo. 

    Following the success and the many works submitted by users, the site is currently completing a compilation of the best projects in a self-published book. You have until February 22, 2013 to send your work.

    “Self Portrait 1889″.Vincent van Gogh

    “Pot Pourri”. Herbert James Draper

    “Le Désespéré”. Gustave Courbet

    « Weeping Woman”. Picasso

    « Study for Portrait”. Francis Bacon

    The Picasso one is brilliant.

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    Persona 4 Photos from Day 2 of Sakura-Con 2014! (2/2)

    Only the “selfie photos”. There were a lot of photos from the Persona Photoshoot.

    If any of you Persona cosplayers out there recognize yourself, please let me know and I’ll gladly credit you!

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  4. use big words and confuse her
    I’m too sleepy to use big words (ᴗ˳ᴗ)
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  6. My sister just told me that I’m a doll that was made to look like her.

  7. i added some to my q to avoid spamming xD Scheduled it for tomorrow.

    Yeeeah, I thought about adding it all to the q, but I thought I should get as much of it out there asap for whoever maybe looking for their pics XD
    my poooor followers though!!! XD

  8. I apologize again for the mass of cosplay photos!!!!!!!!!!

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